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The RAF Association is here to help the whole Royal Air Force family, providing friendship, help and support to current and former members of the RAF and their dependants.
The kind of welfare support provided by the RAF Association is wide-ranging: everything from providing home visits and respite care breaks, to offering advice and, in some circumstances, financial assistance in times of difficulty or just someone to chat to.
The RAF Association work with other charities to help with things like, helping homeless ex-military personnel to rebuild their lives, to assist with compensation claims or other similar processes.

Simply, we are here to make sure that members of the RAF Family past and present are never lonely or in need. We know you don't have to be alone to be lonely, where we can, we help those who are lonely or need a helping hand.

If you have ever served in the RAF or are a dependant of someone who has or is serving call us to see if we can help.

You do not need to be a member of the RAF Association to receive our help